It has been proved that the unique substances, namely catechins (group of polyphenols) which are highly concentrated in tea have strong antioxidant properties which prevent and even contribute to the healing process of diseases such as cancer and heart diseases. It is remarkable that compared to all the 22 known antioxidant rich vegetables, including onions, carrot, garlic etc.; tea has the highest antioxidant capacity.

Sri Lankan tea is unique and is the best in the world, as it is two to three times richer in catechins than black teas of other origins.

Amongst tea of the higher elevations of Sri Lanka, the high Uva Mountains are subjected to long periods of drought and therefore tea in these areas are subject to the greatest ultraviolet radiation. Teas from these areas, therefore, have the greatest content of antioxidant properties.

As the teas from Malwatte are all grown in this region, it could be concluded that our teas are the healthiest for consumption.

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